Elite Double 22 Extra Fast

A-Silicone for laboratory model duplication. Suitable for all duplication techniques where rapid duplication is required. Ideal for duplicating models with slight undercuts and resistant investments. The use of Doublemix or automatic mixers with plastic duplication flask is recommended. 
Check out the VIDEO TRAINING about the Prothyl Press Evo line with the duplication silicone and the automatic mixer machine.


  • The use of Doublemix or automatic mixers enables a duplicate to be obtained in just five minutes (23°C)
  • Mixing facilitated by the 1:1 base to catalyst ratio
  • High fluidity
  • Absolute precision for faithful reproduction of detail
  • Dimensional stability over time and non-deformability, allowing a number of duplications to be made
  • Compatible with all plasters, polyurethane resins, phosphate and alcohol based investments and acrylic resins


  • Versatile, thanks to the 22 Shore A hardness
  • Grey colour


Zhermack recommends using:

  • Tensilab, alcoholic based surface-active spray solution
  • Doublemix, automatic mixer for duplication A-Silicones

Technical Data

Mixing ratio Base:Catalyst
Mixing time manual (23°C/73°F)Automatic mixer
Mixing time mechanical (23°C/73°F)Automatic mixer
Total working time (23°C/73°F)1'30''
Setting time (23°C/73°F)5'
Hardness (Shore-A after 24 h)22
Detail reproduction
20 μm
Dimensional stability (after 24 h)
Tensile strength
2.5 N/mm²
Tear strength
5 N/mm²


C4008381 bottle Base, 1 kg
+ 1
bottle Catalyst, 1 kg
C4008491 bottle Base, 5 kg
+ 1
bottle Catalyst, 5 kg
C4009141 bottle Base, 10 kg
+ 1
bottle Catalyst, 10 kg


C309020Doublemix – Automatic mixer
C309021Doublemix – Automatic mixer 115V
C309022Doublemix – Automatic mixer 230V UK


Applicator for 5 kg /10 kg packs250 ml graduated beakers
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