SQM 25 N

Wet model trimmer


  • Low-level noise performance 
  • Securing the trimmer to the workbench guarantees greater stability 
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Water disk cooling system
  • Front water flow regulator
  • Aluminium bodywork
  • Abrasive disc reinforced Bakelite under FEPA standards, AR 30, Ø mm 250 x 8
  • Safety button as per CE regulation 
  • Ready to secure to the work surface

Technical Data

Size L37 cm/ D32 cm/ H34 cm
Disc Sizecm ø 25,5 / thickness 0,65 / hole ø 2,55
Speed2800 rpm
Total power 600 Watt
Voltage (V - Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50 Hz
Weight 16.5


C305905SQM 25 N Wet model trimmer

Standard components

R0091100Abrasive disk for SQM 25 N (water)


Orthodontic worksholder

XR0090036Worktop surface
XR0090020Rubber panel for diamond disk cleaning
C305903SAB 1000 G Extractor for dry version model trimmers
XI0990220Nylon filter bag (for SAB 1000 G - x1)


The main switch is set to ON but model trimmer does not work.
With the main switch set to ON the aspirator does not work.
1. The model trimmer power lead is not inserted properly in the mains socket or is
faulty (bare wiring, damaged etc.).
2. There has been a power surge.
3. The aspirator plug is not inserted properly in the mains socket.
1. Replace the power lead. Contact an
Authorised Service Centre.
2. Check the mains power supply.
3. Check that the plug is inserted properly.
Water does not exit properly from the model trimmer SQM 25 N.1. Water feed hose clogged
2. Adjuster solenoid valve not working.
3. Feed hose leaking.
1. Check for proper connection of
water feed hoses.
If the problem persists, contact an
Service Centre
2. Replace solenoid valve: contact an

Authorised Service Centre
3. Replace water feed hose:
contact an
Authorised Service Centre
Dust starts exiting the aspirator.1. The nylon bag filter is full.1. Empty the nylon filter; replace
with one of same specifications
(contact an 1. Empty the nylon filter; replace
with one of same specifications
(contact an
Authorised Service Centre).
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