Elite Mix

Mixer for plaster and investments

Bench mounted with stand (optional)


  • Fast, simple and intuitive programming thanks to the LCD screen and multifunction control handpiece
  • 10 personalisable programs, 6 of which are pre-set for Zhermack dental stones
  • Maintenance is not necessary for the "oil free" vacuum pump
  • Even and bubble-free mixture guaranteed by the multifunction software and electronic vacuum control
  • A magnetic sensor detects the presence of the bowl and automatically activates the mixing programme.
    Everything can be handled with just one hand!
  • Elite Mix bowls’ angles are rounded for recovering the mixture and for easy cleaning operations
  • 2-year warranty


  • Electronic control with microprocessor and LCD alphanumeric display
  • MFC control system (multifunctional control handpiece)
  • 10 different programs which can be set with the following parameters:
    • spatulation time
    • spatulation speed between 100 and 450 rev/min
    • pre-spatulation enabling
    • pre-insertion vacuum
    • interval time allowing spatula direction rotation change
  • Electronic vacuum control and double filter
  • Wall or bench-mounted with appropriate stand (optional)
  • Magnetic sensor for bowl removal
  • “Safety” system for bowl removal in case of power failure

Technical Data

Size Elite Mix for the wallL18 cm / D24 cm  / H36 cm
Size Elite Mix workstationL25cm / D29 cm  / H66 cm
Speed 100-450 rpm
Vacuum level600 mmHg
Total Power150 Watt
Voltage (V - Hz)230V ± 10% / 50 Hz
115V ± 10% / 60 Hz
Weight 8 Kg


C305120EliteMix vacuum mixer machines (230 V)
C305125EliteMix vacuum mixer machines (115 V)

Standard components

XR00115001 lid with 500 cc Elite Mix spatula
XI00106301 500 cc Elite Mix bowl


Lid with 200 cc mixing spatula200 cc bowlBench-mounted Elite mix stand
Lid with 1000 cc mixing spatula1000 cc bowl 
Lid with 500 cc mixing spatula500 cc bowl 


It is difficult to create a vacuum
in the containers.
1. The gaskets between the various components are dirty,
damaged or positioned incorrectly.
2. Faulty pump.
3. Intake filter clogged.
1. Examine the gaskets, clean if
necessary and lubricate them with
Vaseline. Clean mixing unit
components thoroughly (see
paragraph 8.1.1).
2. Contact an Authorised Service
3. Change the filter (see section
After turning the main switch to
ON  the machine does not work.
1. Plug is not connected to the mains socket.
Power lead is damaged.
2. Fuse blown.
1. Connect the plug to the mains
socket properly.
2. Change the fuse, using one of
identical characteristics. Contact an
Authorised Servicing Centre only.
The pump does not start.1. Sensor on board and/ormagnet on cup lid faulty.1. Contact an Authorised Service

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