Infrared welding machine. Braze welding of precious metals and base alloys at high temperatures without direct flame. 

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  • Quick and easy to learn welding method
  • Quasar - Quasar Plus infrared welding avoids any combustion process and related oxidation during the heating phase
  • The Quasar plus welding process is eight times faster with respect to traditional methods (laser welding 25 - 30 min - Quasar plus welding 6 min.)
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quasar - Production of thermal energy using an optical system of infrared light capable of generating a maximum temperature of 1350 °C
  • Accurate focus of thermal energy in an optimum welding area of approximately one cm in diameter
  • Power adjustment system which gives total control of the heating temperature
  • Precise mechanical centring system for accurate focal aiming of the elements to be welded
  • Efficient extraction system for fumes and gases produced during soldering
  • Electrical rotation of the support plate by means of a joystick to facilitate the internal welding process
  • Three-sided shielding allowing viewing of the welding process
  • Quasar plus - Quasar model with the addition of pedal control operation for spot welding of the metal structure in argon* environments

* Argon is not supplied with this machine. Ask a trusted supplier.
The system is not suitable for precious alloys with a low melting point below 1050°C and base-metal alloys with a high nickel content of >35%

Technical Data


Size (cm)L25 cm/ D36 cm/ H50 cm
Power 1200 Watt
Temperature max1350°C
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight27.9 Kg


Size L25 cm/ D36 cm/ H50 cm
Power 1200 Watt
Temperature msx1350°C
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight 29 Kg


C306800Quasar Infrared welding machine
C306810Quasar Plus Infrared welding machine with spot welding device

Standard components - Quasar Plus

XR0180110Electrodes for Cr/Co (for ceramics) Ø 0.8 mm (x3)
XR0180130Protective glasses



XR0180040Additional spot welding system (for Quasar)
XR0180050Cr/Co electrocodes (for ceramics) 10 pcs Ø 0.8 mm
XR0180070Cr/Co electrocodes (for ceramics) 10 pcs Ø 0.5 mm
XR0180060Cr/Co electrocodes (for removable prostheses) 10 pcs Ø 0.8 mm
XR0180080Cr/Co electrocodes (for removable prostheses) 10 pcs Ø 0.5 mm
XR0180090Au electrocodes (for gold alloy) 10 pcs Ø 0.8 mm
XR0180100Au electrocodes (for gold alloy) 10 pcs Ø 0.5 mm
XI0180300Protective glasses


Infra-red lamp does not work.1. Plug not inserted properly.
2. Mobile protection screen not closed  properly.
3. Mechanical pointer not positioned
at limit stop.
4. Power adjuster not set to "one".
5. Main switch damaged.
6. Infra-red lamp burnt out.
7. Electrical system damaged.
8. Fuses blown.
1. Insert plug in socket.
2. Close mobile protection screen.
3. Position mechanical pointer
4. Set power adjuster properly.
5-6-7-8. Contact Authorised Service Centre.
Infra-red lamp comes on but does
not weld.
1. Piece is not positioned at
exact heat focus point.
2. Infra-red lamp damaged.
3. Cover not perfectly clean.
The exact heat focus point.
If problem persists contact

Authorised Service Centre.
2-3. Contact
Authorised Service Centre.
Job-holding pan does not respond to
joystick commands.
1. Mobile support damaged.
2. Mobile support jammed
by foreign body.
3. Joystick control damaged.
4. Mobile support needs lubricating.
1-2-3-4. Contact Authorised Service Centre.

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