DM 30 - DM 40 - DM 50

Multiprogram pre-heating furnaces


  • The pipe heating system is more efficient compared to the traditional muffle system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Greater dependability over time
  • Lighted LED display makes using this machine quick and easy
  • Possibility of modifying a program while is running
  • 1-year warranty


  • Pipe heating system: the resistors are housed inside the refractor pipes
  • Electronic microswitch: detects the opening of the hatch, interrupting the power supply to the resistors
  • Preset aspirator command to allow release of fumes
  • Possibility of memorie up to 10 different cycles each with up to 4 positions
  • Electronic temperature control with microprocessor  allows the following parameters to be set for each program:
    • temperature
    • maintenance temperature
    • Speed at which temperature rises (expressed in °C/min)
    • Extractor OFF temperature 
  • Automatic management of the extractor depending on program
  • Delayed start with the possibility of setting the day and time of furnace activity
  • Maximum working temperature 1100 °C

Technical Data

DM 30

Size L28 cm / D32 cm/ H46 cm
Internal chamber sizeL12 cm/D16 cm /H9.5 cm
Cylinder capacity4 - 3X 2 - 9X
Max. Heat.speed from 0 to 900°C52:00 min
Total Power 1550 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight15 kg

DM 40

Size L35 cm/ D37 cm/ H49 cm
Internal chamber sizeL17 cm /D16 cm /H11 cm
Cylinder capacity6 - 3X 4 - 9X
Max. Heat.speed from 0 to 900°C60:00 min
Total Power 2000 Watts
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight26 kg

DM 50

Size L35 cm/ D47 cm/ H49 cm
Internal chamber sizeL17 cm /D26 cm/H11 cm
Cylinder capacity11- 3X 6 - 9X
Max. Heat.speed from 0 to 900°C60:00 min
Total Power 2400 Watts
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight30 kg


C305300DM 30 pre-heating furnace
C305304DM 40 pre-heating furnace
C305308DM 50 pre-heating furnace

Standard components

XE9900150Socket for hood
XI0030073Ribbed refractory plate (DM 40)
XB0030180Square refractory tube (DM 40-50) x 2
XI0030075Ribbed refractory plate (DM 50)
XB0030370Square refractory tube (DM 30) x 2
XI0030070Ribbed refractory plate (DM 30)


Extractor serie D and DM


After powering the equipment via
the main switch the on-key LED fails to come on.
1. Plug is not connected to the
mains socket.
Power lead is damaged.
2. Fuse blown.
1. Connect the plug to the mains socket
properly. Have the power lead replaced
by an Authorised Service Centre only.
2. Change the fuse, using one of identical
characteristics. Contact an
Service Centre
Insufficient aspiration of
combustion fumes and gases.
1. Aspirating fan full of dust
or clogged.
1. Clean the aspiration fan or have it changed.
Contact an
Authorised Service Centre only
Combustion fumes or gas exits
aspiration fan flue or the mobile hood.
1. Obstruction in the oven
aspiration fan flue or mobile
hood is clogged.
1. Clear any obstruction from flue.
The legend “Door” appears on the
1. The door has accidentally
been opened.
1. Re-close the door.
The buzzer sounds and the legend
“tEmP” flashes on the display.
1. Temperature setting exceeded
(see section 7.2 point
2. Thermocouple broken.
1. Reset the work cycle data.
2. Change the thermocouple.
Contact an
Authorised Service Centre only.

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