CM 1 D

Digital centrifuge with external heat source. With the aid of a gas/air torch, melt and centrifuges metal alloys inside investment cylinders


  • The motor brake, hatch block and correct positioning sensor of the rotation system ensure maximum safety levels
  • Easy to use thanks to the quick adjustment of the cylinder height and of the balance
  • The double-jointed arm optimises the pouring of melted metal into the coating cylinder
  • 1-year warranty


  • CM 1 D:benchtop model
    CM 1 DS: free-standing model
  • Digital electronic control with microprocessor for/with:
    • programming of rotation time between 10 and 60 seconds with digital display
    • digital adjustment of the arm opening starting torque
    • FREE button, to unblock the motor brake
    • START button, pressing this enables start which is triggered by the closing of the hatch
  • Sensor noting the correct positioning of the rotation sysytem for safety in the working environment
  • Electromechnical hatch-blocking device, avoids the opening of the hatch while the system is rotating
  • Quick adjustment of the investment size
  • Pre-set balance adjustment
  • Silent, solid structure and perfectly balanced


C305000 CM 1-DS      Discontinued product, available while supplies last.

Technical Data


SizeL60 cm / D55  cm / H91 cm
Total power 2000 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight58 Kg

CM 1 D

Size L60 cm / D55 cm / H33 cm
Total power 2000 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight 41 Kg


C305000CM 1 DS free-standing model
C305001CM 1 D benchtop model

Standard components

 CM 1 crucible (2 pcs)
XI0000060Cylinder  1x
XI0000062Cylinder 3x
XI0000064Cylinder 6x
XI0000066Cylinder 9x
XI0990050Multiple rubber base
XH9900020Allen wrench 6 mm
XH9900030Allen wrench 5 mm
XI0990010Adjustable base feet
XR0000020Base (CM 1 DS)


XI0000070Crucible for CM1 D  (single pcs)
XR0000010Crucible for CM1 D (5 pcs box)
XR0000020Base (CM 1 D)

Multiple rubber baseCylinders 




The main switch (5)is turned to ON but
the centrifuge does not work.
1. Arms inside the centrifuge are
positioned incorrectly.
2. Hatch has not been closed
3. Fuse is damaged..
1. Position the arms as indicated
in the diagram on the inside of the
2. Close the hatch (it will lock
3. Replace the fuse with one of
identical specifications (5x20F 10A).
Authorised Service Centre.
The machine vibrates excessively
during centrifugation.
1. Machine positioning is not
perfectly horizontal.
2. Cylinder counterweight for
cylinders in erroneous
1. Position the machine so that it is
perfectly horizontal: act on the
adjustable feet, then fix with the
2. Check that counterweight is
positioned properly.
The fuse is damaged.1. Main voltage incorrect.1. Check voltage and contact an
Authorised Service Centre.
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