Porcelain furnaces and combination unit for the firing of ceramics on metal-ceramic, all ceramics, ceramic-zirconium, ceramic-aluminium, and ceramic-titanium restorations


  • Innovative structure of the chamber allows greater thermal performance which is advantageous for temperature control wchich results as being more precise in both the static and dynamic phases
  • A diagnostics menu allows the user to verify all the functions of the furnace in real time
  • The HELP function aids in Giga - Giga Press use
  • Pre-set programs for all the most common ceramics
  • The possibility of managing plate opening and closing models in detail
  • The injection phase periodically alternates thrust and waiting phases which optimise the result of the pressable ceramic even with minimum thicknesses
  • 2-year warranties



  • Innovative design and state-of-the-art electronics
  • Large graphic display
  • 200 programs available, of which 25 of which are pre-set for the most common traditional ceramics
  • Ergonomic membrane keybord
  • Incorporated empty sensor
  • 13 parameters wchich the user can set for each program
  • HELP function to aid the operator with the programming
  • Equipped with special functions to modify the program being carried out, to re-fire the ceramics if necessary and to quickly cool down the chamber
  • Device for automatic temperature calibration device available (optional)


  • Same characteristics as the Giga furnace, but also equipped  with a pneumatic system for carrying out pressable ceramics
  • Out of 200 programs, 20 are specific for the pressable ceramics
  • Need for a compressed air connection

Technical Data


SizeL30 cm/ D47 cm/ H67 cm
Total power1600 Watts
Temparature range300°C 1200°C
Rate of risefrom 10°c/min to 180°C/min
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight19 Kg

Giga Press

Size (cm)L30 cm/ D47 cm/ H67 cm
Cycles200 (20 for pressure regulation)
Total power 1600 Watts
Temparature range300°C 1200°C
Rate of risefrom 10°c/min to 180°C/min
Voltage  (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Weight 20


C306607Giga Press

Standard components

XH9900130Key for plate movement in the case of voltage loss
XR0160610Cylinder prepararion kit (Giga Press)
XR0160620Chamber preparation sheets (Giga Press)
XR0160630Pump vacuum connection hose

Giga refractory plate  


XR0160650Base for temperature self-calibration
XI0160870Cylinders in silicone 100 cc
XI0160860Cylinders in silicone 200 cc
XR01608101 plate support
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