Body Casting

We have two families of products for the body casting sector:

Alginates: for moulds to be used just once and for a limited period of time (a few days);

Silicones: for moulds used to make a number of replicas and to be kept for a long period of time.

Alginates and silicones for body casting are recommended for the duplication of body parts, principally in the special effects and film making sectors.



AL PR: a rapid setting time (2’30"-3’) makes this product ideal for application on very small surfaces and in situations where the impression must be taken quickly (for example on children's' hands).

AL-PR 10KG                                               

AL-PR 20 X 500 G                                     

AL-PR 25KG                                          

AL PR: a long setting time (9’-13’) makes this product ideal for application on larger surfaces or in situations that need a longer working time.

AL-MT 10 KG.                                            

AL-MT 20 X 500 GR.                                

AL-MT 25 KG.     





General Characteristics

Alginate powder is made from brown seaweed and is therefore a natural, single-use fluid product approved for skin contact. This has been confirmed by occlusion sensitisation patch tests (available on request).

It is odourless, does not damage any fabrics it comes into contact with and does not require specific separation agents to detach it from the surface on which it is cast.



High mechanical tear strength, excellent reproduction of detail.



For correct use and to obtain the final product characteristics, you should use poly-addition silicones at a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part powder (in weight). Once the products have been poured into the container, the components should be mixed vigorously until a homogeneous compound is obtained for application directly on the skin.

Application with polyurethane and epoxy resins is not recommended as air bubbles could be created on contact with water, impairing the mould.

Store the product at a temperature of between 5°/25°C and to close the container tightly after use.

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