ZA Podos 15 (15 ShA)

ZA Podos 15 is a bi-component addition cured RTV silicone rubber which vulcanizes at room temperature. ZA Podos 15 is a non-pourable putty.


  • High dimensional stability over time and non-deformability to allow many duplications
  • Considerable resistance to high temperatures and to ageing
  • Excellent non-stick effect
  • Absolute skin compatibility
  • Easy to work

Chemical and physical characteristics

Mixing ratio1:1
Colour of the cured rubberPink
Specific weight1.14 g/cc
Working time at 35°C (73°F)1' - 1'20''
Setting time at 35 °C2'30'' - 3'
Hardness Shore A after 1h13 ± 2 ShA

Dosage and mixing

Weigh out the same quantity of catalysts and base. Knead energetically for about 45 seconds until reaching a colour tonality which has a colour which is homogeneous and without streaks.
Manipulate and adapt the product with the aim of creating an orthesis.
Hardening occurs in about 5-6 minutes from the start of mixing.
Subsequently, it is possible, if necessary, to work the orthesis on the cutter.
The exact 1 : 1 proportions must be respected to obtain the correct times and not alter the final characteristics of the product.

Safety Data Sheet

The preparation is not considered dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC and subsequent amendments.


The ZA Podos 15 is guaranteed for a period of 24 months if correctly conserved between 5° - 27°C (41° - 80°F). Close the bottles after use, do not invert the caps or the lids between base and catalyst.

Important observations

The advice given verbally, in writing or through demonstration on how to use the product is based on our knowledge. The use and application by the user occurs without the Company having the possibility to check and therefore remain the responsibility of the user.

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