ZA 22 SPRAY (addition fluid)

ZA 22 SPRAY is a bi-component (base and catalyst) addition cured RTV silicone rubber which vulcanises at room temperature. Recommended for the duplication of models with many undercuts and for applications on vertical surfaces.

Main application sectors

  • Mould making and Restoration for vertical applications.

Specifications for product suitability

BASE colourmilky
CATALYST colourmilky
Mixing ratio B : C1 : 1
Base viscosity< 5000 cP
Catalyst viscosity< 5000 cP
Density1,12 g/cc
Total working time at 23°C (73°F)12” - 18”
Setting time at 23°C (73°F)4’ 30” - 6’
Hardness after 8’22 ± 2 shA
Hardness after 1 hour24 ± 2 shA
The preparation is not classified as dangerous for the purposes of Directive 88/379/EEC and subsequent amendments.


ZA 22 SPRAY is guaranteed for a period of 18 months if stored correctly between 5° and 27°C (41° and 80°F).
Close the bottles after use. Do not invert the caps or lids between the base and the catalyst.

Important observation

Any advice given verbally, in writing or through product demonstrations is based on our knowledge. Use and application by the user take place with no possibility for control by the company and are therefore the responsibility of the user.


Supply the product using the dispenser or automatic machines suitable for spray application.
For information about dispensers and automatic machines, please contact Zhermack SPA.

The silicone rubber in question is compatible with all dental stones, coatings, polyester resins and acrylic resins.
The exact 1:1 proportions must be respected in order to obtain the correct times and not to alter the final characteristics of the product. The surfaces with which the material comes into contact must be completely clean, grease-free and dry.
NB: before use, it is advisable to homogenise the two components in order to prevent sedimentation.


5 kg + 5 kg
25 kg + 25 kg

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