Silicone rubbers and alginates for industry

Zhermack takes advantage of the potential of the synthesis department and the knowledge acquired in the dental field to produce RTV silicone rubbers (liquids and putty) and alginates to deal with any requirement. Now is also available spray version (ZA 22 Spray) for all vertical applications (see video).

Silicone rubbers, antistatic rubbers and fillers for the ceramic fieldSilicone rubbers, antistatic rubbers and fillers for the ceramic fieldZhermack silicone rubbers are particularly recommended for ceramic decoration and artistic ceramics. Fillers for exhibition panels complete the range.
Mould makingMould making

The silicone rubbers and alginates for the mould making field, designed by the Zhermack laboratories with advice of expert users, are used in numerous sectors.

Reproduction of objects in concreteReproduction of objects in concreteThe dimensional stability of silicones and high resistance to an alkaline environment make addition cured RTV2 silicone rubbers the preferred materialfor cement parts.
Maximum precision at the service of jewellersMaximum precision at the service of jewellersCreativity, manual ability and design are fundamental factors to obtain a hand-made jewel. In the lost-wax casting process high precision moulds are essential.
Cosmetic alginatesCosmetic alginatesNeutral alginate. Zhermack alginates originate from totally natural raw materials, the Brown Algae (Laminaria Hyperborea Algae). Accurate tests, constant Research & Development and modern production systems guarantee great efficiency and excellent quality standards.
Promoting health and wellbeing of feetPromoting health and wellbeing of feetZhermack proposals for the podological field are: condensation-cured putty silicones and addition-cured silicones (liquid and putty).
Cutting edge otology productsCutting edge otology productsLike impression materials used in dentistry, silicone rubber used in otology - because of the delicacy of the application - must satisfy very high qualitative and technical standards.
Other sectorsOther sectorsIn addition to the applications described in the various sections, there are many more which can take advantage of the quality of the silicone rubber and alginates offered by Zhermack.

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