ZA 50 LT (50 ShA)

ZA 50 LT is a bi-component addition cured RTV silicone rubber which vulcanizes at room temperature. Compatible with all plasters, coatings, polyurethane resins and acrylic resins.

Main application sectors

  • Mouldmaking and model-making due to its considerable precision in reproduction, high dimensional stability and high mechanical resistance
  • Ceramic serigraphy due to its considerable precision in reproduction, high mechanical resistance and the excellent laser cutting characteristic
  • Artistic ceramics
  • Jewellery making


  • High chemical resistance to the aggressive components of some types of resin
  • High resistance to laceration (this characteristic guarantees high resistance to wear and tear)
  • High level of accuracy in reproducing very small particulars
  • High dimensional stability over time and non-deformability
  • Considerable resistance to high temperatures and to ageing
  • Excellent non-stick effect

Chemical and physical characteristics

 Metric systemUSA system
Mixing ratio1 : 1-
Viscosity of the mix pre-catalisation20000 cP-
Density at 23°C1.22 g/cm³-
Working time at 23 °C (73 °F)15’ - 20’-
Setting time at 23 °C (73 °F)3 h-
Hardness Shore-A after 24 hours50 ± 3 ShA-
Tensile strenght4.0  N/mm²581 ± 29 psi
Elongation at break320%-
Tear resistance (Die B)   8 ± 1 N/mm45 ± 6 ppi
Tear resistance (Die C)12 ± 1 N/mm68 ± 6 ppi
The preparation is not considered dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC and subsequent amendments.


The ZA 50 LT is guaranteed for a period of 12 months if correctly conserved between 5° - 27°C (41° - 80°F). Close the bottles after use, do not invert the caps or the lids between base and catalyst.

Important observations

The advice given verbally, in writing or through demonstration on how to use the product is based on our knowledge. The use and application by the user occurs without the Company having the possibility to check and therefore remain the responsibility of the user.


DT2319325 kg + 25 kg

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