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Hydrocolor 5 - The chromatic alginate that remains stable for 5 days

Clinical practice often involves too short a session to cast the model immediately. This is why Zhermack has developed Hydrocolor 5 as a tool to simplify dentists' everyday work. This new chromatic alginate offers 5 days of dimensional stability for the impression.

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Zeta Hygiene - New Zhermack Disinfectant and Steriliser Line

Experience acquired in the cold disinfectant and steriliser fields for medical-surgical devices has allowed Zhermack to develop a newly improved, widely effective range product line for dental surgeries and laboratories.

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Hydrorise, the innovation that did not exist

Starting today, dentists can count on an innovative new impression material: Hydrorise, the first hyperhydrophilic A-silicone that adapts to any kind of impression technique in all clinical conditions.

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Elite P&P. Precision & Performance

ELITE P&P is the new line of A-silicones for versatile and easy impressions that are especially recommended for regular users of C-silicones who want more precise and higher performance impressions.

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Elite Double

Elite Double, the newly improved range of Zhermack duplication silicones, satisfies all dental laboratory needs.

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From technical research to innovation: Dune ECO TECH, Zhermack's new micro-sandblaster

Zhermack Technical, the department that produces integrated solutions for dental technical laboratories, introduces a micro-sandblaster that is one of a kind: Dune ECO TECH. Unlike its rivals, this device is distinguished by the perfect balance of efficiency and design, guaranteeing low sand consumption and maximum sandblasting precision.

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Modulmix: fast, modular and customisable

Modulmix, the new automatic A-Silicone mixer with a 5:1 mixing ratio, is the result of advanced Zhermack research to guarantee high performance, maximised quality and functionality.

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Alghamix II. Continuous Innovation

Zhermack world leader in the production of impression materials and dental equipment, is proud to present Alghamix II the new version of one of the best known mechanical mixers on the market.

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Doublemix: fast, bubble-free duplications

Doublemix is the new automatic A-Silicone mixer for duplications developed by Zhermack offering speed and constant quality in all daily duplications.

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