Zmack comp

Zmack® comp is an aesthetic, visible-light activated, radio-opaque, universal micro-hybrid composite (designed for both anterior and posterior restorations) in syringes indicated for use in direct restorations of all cavity classes, cosmetic reshaping, direct veneering material and indirect restorations such as inlays & onlays.



  • Total camouflaging colours: the restoration acquires the appearance of its surroundings, making it “invisible” within the tooth and the adjacent teeth
  • Non-sticky non-slumpy, creamy formula that allows the dentist to recreate dental anatomy
  • Self micro-levelling behaviour, to facilitate sculpting and avoidance of air bubbles
  • Functional and high strength for long lasting results
  • Tooth-like appearance polishing capability
  • Easy shade application: doesn’t need training as required for competitors with multiple shades systems


  • Selected colour range, simplified system available in:
    • 8 body VITA® shades (single colour technique): A1, A2, A3, A3.5; B1, B2, B3; C3
    • 2 opaque shades (multiple colour technique): A2-O, A3.5- O
  • Easy colour matching: shades mimetically blends with the surrounding tooth structure
  • Creamy formula, non-sticky nor slumpy
  • Polishes to match natural luster of enamel
  • Composition:
    • Filler type : Barium glass/SiO2
    • Matrix: Bis-GMA-adduct, Bis-EMA, TEGDMA
  • 4-years shelf life

Technical Data

Compressive strength383 Mpa
Flexural strength139.3 MPa
Flexural modulus10700 MPa
Filler content in weight77%
Filler content in volume57%
Barcol hardness75 - 90
Glass filler size (mean)<1 µm
Polymerization shrinkage  2,46% (v/v)
Water sorption 12.18 mg/mm3
Radio opacity 2.4 mm Al

Polymerization Times (Curing light output >= 500 mW/cm2)

ShadesA1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C3A2-O, A3.5-O, B3
Increment or layer3 mm2 mm
Curing time 20 seconds 20 seconds


Zmack comp syringe 4 g - A1Zmack comp syringe 4 g - A2Zmack comp syringe 4 g - A3
Zmack comp syringe 4 g - A3.5Zmack comp syringe 4 g - A2-OZmack comp syringe 4 g - A3.5-O
Zmack comp syringe 4 g - B1Zmack comp syringe 4 g - B2Zmack comp syringe 4 g - B3
Zmack comp syringe 4 g - C3  
C500100Zmack kit: zmack comp syringes 6 x 4g (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2) + zmack bond bottle 5ml+ 50 Flocked applicators + zmack etch syringe 3ml + 25 applicator needles
C500150Zmack kit - O: zmack comp syringes 6 x 4g (A2, A3, A3.5, B1, A2-O, A3.5-O) + zmack bond bottle 5ml+ 50 Flocked applicators + zmack etch syringe 3ml + 25 applicator needles


Zmack bond bottle 4.5mlZmack etch syringe 3ml + 25 applicator needles 


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