Zmack bond

Zmack® bond etch and rinse adhesive is a light-cured self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond resin-based materials to enamel and dentin, indicated for: direct, light-cured composite and compomer restoratives, composite and compomer repairs, cementation of indirect restorations with a light-cured resin cement.


  • Technique tolerant, excellent performance on both humid or dry* dentine (*up to 10 sec)
  • Easy to apply, even penetration into the tissues, without the need of brushing it
  • Easy application, the visible bright glistening aspect facilitates application and prevents uncovered zones
  • A single coat application creates the necessary film layer to provide excellent adhesive zone
  • Creates reinforced and resistant marginal seal among the restoration, to prevent micro-leakage
  • Avoidance of postoperative sensitivity: as a result of synchronization of the effective bonding behavior with zmack® comp low polymerization shrinkage
  • Sealing outcome prevents marginal discolouration


  • Effective on both humid or dry* dentine (*up to 10 sec)
  • Self priming: avoids the need of 3 steps application
  • Visible bright glistening aspect
  • Excellent wetability, easy to apply
  • Single coat application and polymerization
  • High bond strength
  • Composition and function:
    • PENTA: adhesion promoter
    • TCB: acidic methacrylate resin
    • UDMA: methacrylate resin
    • TEGDMA: methacrylate resin
    • HEMA: wetting agent
    • Nanofiller: increases strength, ~ 8nm
    • Camphorquinone: photoinitiator
    • Stabilizer: ensures shelf life
    • Tertiary-butanol: solvent (< 25%)
  • 2-years shelf life

Polymerization Times 

Light output>= 550 mW/cm2>= 800 mW/cm2
Curing time 20 seconds 10 seconds


C500130Zmack bond bottle 4.5 ml - A1


Flock applicators (50 pcs)   


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