Zeta 3 Soft - Soft Classic

Aldehyde-free, broad spectrum, ready-to-use disinfectant. Lemon and Classic Fragrance.


  • ZETA 3 SOFT is specially formulated for the rapid, high-level rapid disinfection of medical device surfaces (handpieces, shelves, dental units*, contra-angles, instrument trays, film holders, light handles, dental units' basins, etc.)** between one patient and another.
  • Its special, quat-free, low isopropanol formula ensures ZETA 3 SOFT is only slightly aggressive to the airways and does not cause drowsiness.

*Do not treat delicate or alcohol-sensitive surfaces (made of leather or synthetic material) before checking its compatibility with alcohol-base products.
**Before applying, check the compatibility of surfaces treated with alcohol-base products.


  • Spray Zeta 3 Soft over the surfaces and objects to be disinfected to form a continuous film
  • Leave to work for at least 1 minute, then clean the surfaces/devices with a tissue and dry them off
  • Alternatively, you can spray Zeta 3 Soft on to a tissue and wipe over the surfaces or devices to be disinfected


The product is not suitable for use on alcohol-sensitive materials. Before applying, check the compatibility of surfaces treated with alcohol-base products. For these surfaces use ZETA 3 FOAM instead.


  • Bactericidal: EN 13727, EN 14561 (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. hirae)
  • Fungicidal: EN 13624, EN 14562 (C. albicans)
  • Tubercolicidal: EN 14348, EN 14563 (M. terrae)
  • Virucidal, including HIV, HBV, HCV, H1N1, H5N1: EN 14476 (Poliovirus,Adenovirus, Parvovirus)

Active ingredients

100g of Zeta 3 Soft contains:

  • 34.4g of ethanol
  • 14g of isopropanol


C810023750 ml bottle with spray nozzle cap
C810024 5 litres container with dosage cap
C810029 125 ml bottle
C810027ZETA 3 Classic 750 ml bottle with spray nozzle cap
C810028 ZETA 3 Classic 5 litres container with dosage cap
C810032 ZETA 3 Classic 125 ml bottle


C800090 1 Litre sterilization bath

3 Litres sterilization bathZETA HYGIENE NOZZLE
dosage cap for 3 and 5 litres container
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