Zeta 5 Power Act

Concentrated disinfectant specifically for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorising aspiration circuits and spittoons.


  • Broad spectrum: bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal with limitations. Spectrum validated according to the most recent European disinfection standards
  • Two options of timed action
  • Concentrated liquid
  • Non‐foaming formula
  • Aldehyde and phenol free


  • Efficacy: thanks to its broad spectrum of action, it offers high protection and safety for both dental team professionals and patients
  • Practicality: disinfection, cleaning and deodorising with a single product
  • Value for money: to use at 1% of dilution
  • Flexibility: the formula offers a choice of two different times of action depending on the user's needs: standard evening disinfection, or 15 minute rapid disinfection (excluding tuberculocidal action) between patients or after particularly invasive operations
  • Protection: with its non‐foaming, non‐aggressive formula, it can be used for everyday maintenance of aspiration circuits to guarantee regular functioning
  • Safety: it protects the professionals' health while using the product as it is aldehydes and phenols free


1% dilution: for each litre of water, add 10 ml of Zeta 5 Power Act, or one 10 ml unit dose and mix the resulting solution. Prepare at least one litre of solution for each dental unit. Draw up the solution. Leave to act for 15 minutes for rapid disinfection (excluding TBC action), or overnight for complete action . Pour at least 250 ‐ 300 ml of disinfectant solution into the spittoon and leave to act.

One litre of Zeta 5 Power Act gives 100 litres of disinfectant solution.

Spectrum of action

Bactericidal: EN 13727, EN 14561 (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. hirae)

Yeasticidal: EN 13624, EN 14562 (C. albicans)

Tuberculocidal: EN 14348 (M. terrae)

Limited Virucidal: prEN 16777, DVV/RKI, DVV (non‐porous surfaces) effect towards encapsulated and lipophilic viruses including blood viruses (HIV, HBV , HCV), Herpes simplex and families of virus such as the Orthomyxoviridae (including all human and animal influenza viruses such as H5N1 and H1N1), Filoviridae (ebola virus) and Paramyxoviridae (measles virus) Active ingredients Alkylamine, quaternary ammonium compounds


Use Zeta 5 Power Act daily at the end of each working day to clean and disinfect the aspiration system. We recommend repeating the operation halfway through the day, or after a particularly invasive operation.


C810040 1 litre bottle

C810038 50 x 10 ml single‐dose bags

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