Zetaclave B

ZHERMACK class B autoclaves. Sterilization in surgery of solid instruments, hollow instruments (type A and B), packeted instruments and porous loads


  • The stainless steel chamber, pressed in a single block, guarantees the maximum attainable levels of hygiene
  • The external treatment guarantees greater resistance and a long lifespan
  • The motorised door is easy to open and guarantees high levels of safety thanks to triple protection and selfregulation
  • The built-in thermal printer allows the user to verify all the sterilization cycles
  • The use of the mineraliser allows automatic water loading and does not require the daily intervention of the operator (optional)
  • The reversible tray holder contains up to 4 trays and can be rotated, allowing the insertion of two cassettes for implantology
  • The possibility to make use of the STS data logger allows information management and the storage of the cycles performed (optional)


  • Vacuum pump high performing two stage
  • Fractionated post vacuum
  • LCD graphic display showing sterilization cycles and phases
  • 12 pre-set programs
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Motorised closure with triple safety device
  • Electronic vacuum drying
  • Automatic loading of water with self-priming pump
  • Ready for connection to demineraliser and automatic dirty water drainage
  • Built-in printer
  • Ready for connection to data logger
  • M.T.S. (Memory test system) which allows the diagnosis of the last 10 cycles performed
  • Instant vaporiser outside the chamber
  • Thermal drying system
  • Validation cycles: HELIX*, BOWIE & DICK, VACUUM TEST
  • Double tank: clean water and dirty water
  • 2 year warranty

Zhermack recommends using:

  • Zeta roll - Rolls for autoclave sterilization (vapour and ethylene oxide).

Technical Data

Zetaclave B 18 litres

SizeL45 cm /D61.5 cm /H40 cm
Total Power 2400 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Internal dimensions236mm x 381mm
Tank capacity4.5 litres
Weight45 Kg

Zetaclave B 23 litres

SizeL45 cm /D69 cm /H40 cm
Total Power2400 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Internal dimensions236mm x 530mm
Tank capacity4.5 litres
Weight50 Kg


C306550Autoclave Zetaclave B 18 litres
C306552Autoclave Zetaclave B 23 litres
C306550ARZetaclave B 18l Orange Door
C306550BLZetaclave B 18l Blue Door
C306550GRZetaclave B 18l Door Gray
C306552GRZetaclave B 23l Door Gray

Standard components

1 reversible anodised aluminium tray holder1 water loading pipe with filter
4 trays1 cleaning sponge
1 funnel1 tray extraction handle
2 water draining pipes 


C811010 - C811040XR0150060XR0150090
Zeta rollManual thermosealing machineElectric distiller
Reversible tray holder for 18 litres ZetaclaveReversible tray holder for 23 litres
OsmosisSTS data logger USBSpores (x20)
Bowie and Dick testChemical indicator (x250)Helix test 100 pz.

XR0150160Roll of printer paper
XR0150140Bacterial filter
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