Automatic A-Silicone mixer with a 5:1 mixing ratio. Modulmix, available in 6 colours, will fit perfectly with all types of surgery decor.


  • With respect to manual mixers, the Zhermack system automatic mixing is easy, constant and offers higher quality
  • With modulmix, the mixing phase is notably reduced to give more product working time
  • Modularity: The possibility to connect numerous machines in-line allows for the use of numerous materials simultaneously (heavy body – alginate replacement)
  • Two dispensing speeds, fast for filling the tray, normal for filling a syringe
  • Compact and linear design which guarantees reduced encumbrance upon working surfaces
  • Transparent plastic cover allows for immediate viewing of both the material being used as well as the level of material remaining in the cartridge
  • Two dispensing buttons located on either side of the Modulmix, for left & right handed operators
  • 2 year warranty


  • Possibility of connecting numerous machines in-line
  • Two dispensing speeds:
    • Normal: 70* ml/min
    • Fast: 155* ml/min
  • Motorised plunger (forward & reverse) for changing cartridges (max 3 sec)
  • Customizable side cills to match surgery decor (optional extra)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two dispenser buttons
  • Cartridge level indicator
  • Retracting, finger-safe pistons to guarantee maximum safety standards
  • Available in countertop or wall-mounted versions
  • Available in 230V, 230V uk plug and 115V versions
  • Compatible with all 5:1 systems currently available on the market

Side sills customisable match machine with surgery decor

Technical Data

Weight12 kg
Dimensions L22.4 / P37.2/ H32 cm
Voltage230V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Total Power160 Watt


C309030Modulmix 230V
C309035Modulmix 115V
C309031Modulmix 230V  UK plug


XR0240550Lateral flaps color light blue
XR0240551Lateral flaps color orange
XR0240552Lateral flaps color blue
XR0240553Lateral flaps color green
XR0240554Lateral flaps color white
XR0240555 Lateral flaps colour grey
XR0240520Wallmounting kit
XR0240530Wall mounting kit for two Modulmix
XR0240510Modularity kit
XR02405002-machine countertop support
XR02405051-machine countertop support
XR0240615N115V charger
XR0240630N230V charger
XR0240620N230V charger UK
XR0240580Digital timer included with each Modulmix

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