Alghamix II

Mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones. Ergonomic design and customised colours allow Alghamix II to adapt any dental practice or dental laboratory. Watch the video demonstration.


  • 30% reduced mixing time when compared to manual mixing
  • Reduced air incorporation during mixing
  • Homogeneous bubble free mixing
  • Constant bowl rotation guaranteed by the two speeds
  • Structure and design specifically designed to guarantee maximum stability during use
  • Ergonomic bowl position which allows for optimal operating conditions
  • Easy to remove and easy to clean bowl
  • Coloured bowls easily adaptable to clinic colours
  • 600 cc bowl for plaster and silicone mixing plate usable for various purposes
  • 3 year warranty


  • 2 speed rotation
  • Ergonomic speed selector
  • Bayonet bowl-fastener
  • Available bowls: small 350 cc for alginate, large 600 cc for plaster
  • Available bowl colours: grey, orange, green, light blue, navy blue, white
  • Plate with 20-sheet mixing block for silicones
  • ABS body


Zhermack recommend to use the below listed alginates in combination with Alghamix II for a far better quality of the impression result:


Hydrocolor 5: Chromatic high dimensional stability alginate


Hydrogum 5: Extra fast setting dust free high stability alginate


Orthoprint: Extra-rapid dust free, orthodontic alginate and study models


Neocolloid: Normal setting, high precision dust free alginate for precision impressions and chromes

Alghamix II is available with extremely easy to clean bowls in 6 different colours. Designed to adapt to any work environment, the Alghamix II is customisable with coloured bowls to match your surgery decor.

Technical Data

Weight3 kg
Dimensions L17 / P27/ H21 cm
Voltage230V ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Total Power50 Watt


C303230Alghamix II - mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones (230V) + mixing bowl and spatula
C303215Alghamix II - mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones  (115V) + mixing bowl and spatula
C303231Alghamix II - mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones (230V) + mixing bowl and spatula + UK plug


Fluo spatula (x6)20 sheet mixing blockSilicone mixing spatula
C303155 C303160C303165
350 cc Alginate bowl – light blue350 cc Alginate bowl – orange350 cc Alginate bowl – navy blue
350 cc Alginate bowl – green350 cc Alginate bowl – white350 cc Alginate  bowl – grey
Silicone mixing disk600 cc Plaster bowl - grey 


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