Freealgin Maxi Medium Body Fast Set

Medium viscosity alginate alternative, for all alginate indications. Packaged for automatic mixing machines (5:1)


  • Impressions for temporary crowns and bridges directly in the surgery
  • Impressions for orthodontics
  • For removable prostheses or for modifying a removable prostheses
  • Suitable for preliminary impressions, for antagonist models and surgery impressions
  • For bites, surgical guides and masks for whitening solutions
  • Recommended for monophase technique with one viscosity


  • Ideal consistency for creating temporary crown and bridge impressions, and then used with Acrytemp temporary material
  • Excellent elastic recovery, fast setting for orthodontics
  • High tear resistance
  • High dimensional stability, no time limit field thanks to a high hydrophilic behaviour
  • Possible to obtain several models from the same impression
  • Possibility of casting the model immediately after disinfection
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray


  • Fast setting
  • Highly Hydrophilic
  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio (Snap-set effect):
    • Long working time
    • Shorter permanence in the oral cavity
  • Biocompatible
  • Lilac colour
  • Exotic fruity flavour (mangustan) 


Zhermack recommends using:

  • Modulmix: Double speed automatic mixing combined with an innovative dynamic-static* mixing tip guarantees the maximum mixing uniformity (without air bubbles)

Technical Data

ISO 4823 ADA 19Type 2 Medium-Bodied Consistency
Mixing ratio Base:Catalyst5:1
Total working time (23°C/73°F)60''
Time in mouth1' 30''
Setting time (23°C/73°F)2' 30''
Strain in compression (min - max)3 - 5 %
Elastic recovery> 99.5 %
Dimensional stability (after 24 h)< 0.20 %
Hardness (Shore A)40


C3001002 cartridges (Base + Catalyst), 380 ml each + 15 dynamic-static mixing tips + 2 mixing tips lockers
C3001026 cartridges (Base + Catalyst), 380 ml each + 2 mixing tip lockers
C300105Freealgin Extra Fast 2X380ml
C300106Freealgin Extra Fast 6X380ml



C309030Modulmix 230V
C309035Modulmix 115V
C309031Modulmix 230 V - UK
XR0240520Wallmounting kit for 1 Modulmix
XR0240530Wallmounting kit for 2 Modulmix
XR0240505Workstation support for 1 Modulmix
XR0240500Workstation support for 2 Modulmix
XR0240510Modularity kit
XR0240615115V charger
XR0240630230V charger



C205530 C205540 
Dynamic-static mixing tips (50 pcs)Mixing tip lockers (2 pcs) 
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